Dollar for Your Thoughts

“Penny for your thoughts!”

That’s what Leonerd told Buttercup when he walked up to her.

“A penny?” snorted Buttercup. “I don’t think so!”

“It’s just an expression, girl!” said Leonerd.

“Well, my thoughts are worth at least a dollar!” replied Buttercup.

“A dollar?” said Leonerd. “Forget it!”

“Fine.” said Buttercup. “Your loss.”

Buttercup sat back and began to think. Leonerd didn’t know what Buttercup was thinking about, but he could tell by her soft chuckling that she was planning something.

“Too bad you’re missing out on all these thoughts, Leo! There’s some great stuff in here! Great stuff that you might find very….”

“Okay, okay!” interrupted Leonerd as he handed Buttercup a dollar. “Here’s a buck. What are your thoughts?”

“I’ll write ‘em down!” explained Buttercup as she grabbed a notepad.

She wrote down her thoughts, and when she was done, she ripped out the page and handed it to Leonerd.

Leonerd read the page. But it didn’t say anything except “Sucker!”

Once he read this, he knew Buttercup had tricked him as he saw the dark-haired Powerpuff Girl run off laughing with his buck.

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