I’m Never Trying That Braiding Thing Again

Did I ever tell you the time I wore my hair in a French braid?

It all seemed like a fantastic idea while it was happening.  I was the center of attention – especially in the eyes of a girl named Amanda McClellan.

Amanda is pretty much my arch-nemesis. I’ve always been cooler than her, which really isn’t very hard to accomplish. She doesn’t like the things that I like. she thinks Emily the Strange is “too goth” and that Tokidoki is “too cute”.  But I disagree. To me, Emily the Strange, The Powerpuff Girls, Garfield, and the Tokidoki gang are very unique. I don’t know how I came to the conclusion that wearing my hair in a different style would make things any better.  I really didn’t think it through properly.  Like I said, Amanda is pretty much the opposite of me.

So one day, while my cousin Marta was babysitting me, I called my dad at work:

Me: “Hey dad, is it okay if I used Marta’s hair extensions?”

Dad:  “For what?”

Me: “I want to put my hair in some sort of braid.”

Dad:  “Um… (prolonged silence)….Sure. Just ask Marta if she can help you. It’s your hair, sweetie.  You can do what you want.”

Me:  “Thanks.”

My father passively taught me a very important lesson about thinking things through.

So, I asked Marta if she could help me braid my hair, and she said it was okay.

After she put my hair in a French braid, I put on my utterly kawaii Harajuku outfit and went to where Amanda and my human friends were hanging out.

“Wowzers!” said Amanda. “That’s so cool, Sophie!”

“That braid goes perfectly with your outfit!” said Moonsong.

“Sure does!” said Sandy.

I was amazed at how my friends were complimenting me at how pretty I looked.

“Look at how awesome I am!” I thought. “This is great! I’ve never got so much attention from my normal friends…”

…My time in the spotlight lasted about 4 minutes.

That evening, I eventually got around to looking in the mirror. I had never been very self-conscious – I didn’t have the fashion sense to know what to be self-conscious about. When I examined my French braid, I decided that I had enough for one day and asked my dad to undo it.

I was confused.

I wondered why that braid complimented my cute outfit.

Normally, I just wear my hair down with a cute hair bow clipped to it, and in my older form, I wear it in pigtails.

I didn’t know what came to me.

Nevertheless, I found a way to impress my friends who once thought I was weird.
And I learned an important lesson about being mindful of what might be the effect of the cause.

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