Sophie Smith’s Horoscopes: Heather’s Horoscope

This horoscope describes my friend, Heather Anderson.

Source: Sophie Smith’s Horoscopes: Heather’s Horoscope


Sophie Soundtrack

Music is a powerful mood-setting tool. My favorite kind of music type is music with an utterly kawaii feel to it. I decided, why not share some of my favorite kawaii-sounding songs? So, here it is. I present to you: “Sophie Soundtrack”!

Welcome to My World

Hello, everyone. Welcome to the world of Sophie Smith.

I am very pleased to have my own blog.

This blog is very special, since I’m pretty special myself! Be sure to look around for a bit.

Read the short stories of my friends and play some cool games.

Oh, and be sure to look at the entries of my journal. They all tell about my secret life as Sophie Hilton, my alter-ego.

Just be sure to have fun, and please remember this:

I may be only eight years old, but I’ve got a heart of gold!